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16/17 november
place: 't Werkhuys zegelstraat 13 Antwerpen 2140
10.00 tot 17.00 midday: potluck
price: 100€

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IBAN: BE43 3631 5253 8301

More info contact: or call 0032 (0)486.14.09.73

We are privileged to have LEVAN BITAROVI – SINGER, TEACHER, AND TRAVELLER as a visitor in Antwerp, to give workshops of Georgian Polyphonic Folk Singing for EVERYONE.

Levan comes from Georgia and knows Georgian music quite well. He iswell-versed in both folk songs and sacred chants, and has been a member of Ensemble Adilei since its inception in 2012. In addition to being an experienced performer, Levan also has years of teaching experience. Over the years, Levan has worn many teaching hats: Georgian Language teacher, children’s instructor of Sacred music, consultant to Regional Ensembles in Georgia, etc. Since 2016 Levan has been giving Georgian singing workshops abroad and guiding Georgian Folk Singing Trips in Georgia. 
Whether by himself, or with friends and visitors, he is fond of spending time in different parts of Georgia learning, experiencing, and collecting NEW Songs with and from local song masters – sweet Grandfathers and Grandmothers – so he can transmit them to his students in a more authentic way. 

Being a member of Ensemble Adilei, Levan has had the good fortune of being able to acquire a lot of knowledge and experience of natural singing.

Georgia is located in TRANSCAUCASIA, between Black and Caspian Sea. It is crossroad of Europe and Asia. Georgia is recognised as a cradle of Wine-Making.

Surrounded by Musslim Religion and Monophonic regions, Georgia have kept its Orthodox Christianity strongly connected with culuture including polyphony folk singing and chanting. Each parts o


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