Taketina met Amelie Thonet & Barbara Willems

weekend-stage 2/3 februari 2019

uur: 10.00 tot 17.00  Zo tot 16.00

prijs: 140€

U bent pas ingeschreven na storting van een voorschot: 40€ de rest kan ter plaatse geregeld worden,

Inschrijven VOOR 15 januari
IBAN: BE43 3631 5253 8301

waar: 't Werkhuys Zegelstraat 13 Borgerhout 2140

TaKeTiNa is a playful practice of rhythmic exploration that activates the musical and human potential. Using the body as a musical instrument (voice, steps and claps), Taketina creates complex rhythms that can be easily accessed. Challenges alternate with moments of stabilization to let you fall in a joyful and nourishing state of mind. Come and join us for this amazing learning process ! Every one is welcome ! Amélie Thonet is a certified Taketina teacher, trained in Australia by founder Reinhard Flatisch

more info: TaKeTiNa